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Everything posted by Dragonkln

  1. This quest got me 80-82 div and over 1mill exp reward in total... loved it
  2. If we get a drop as a clan on release we're gonna be so rich First level 90 armour in the game should be selling well over 500m a piece for a few days
  3. Dwarves, the only series i'm up to date with I also want some new mining stuff
  4. They're adding helmssss :D
  5. I'd usually really like this video, but... I had my hopes up with the new skill and now i'm in a mood.
  6. It's really easy and fun not bad exp but its more down to luck then anything.
  7. I'm not too fused about the al-kharid thing as I only see it when I'm at the duel arena as it had nothing there to do.. at all God wars looks like it could be good! But it's gonna be crowded as fuck :L and I don't know what to say on this new bot ban minigame thing haha I hope the nuke works and we can make a JOGRE give anal to the green dragon bots as one of the options.
  8. It annoys me how it shows up over armour in PvM just gonna see a tropicle tribe killing bandos from now on
  9. It just a competition of who ever has enough balls to let their entire facebook world know they play lol
  10. At least we got 200 free coins :'/ I purchased the staff thing and 2 titles
  11. The Gowers are worth like £500m which is more than most have in game
  12. A Forum Mod suggested this on the official runescape forums... Cosmetic item shops are a commonplace in the MMO industry, and whilst some of us may not like the idea of purchasing virtual items, it is reality and it indeed exists. I like the Solomon's store, I actually have no issues with it. The Squeal of Fortune, however, is a totally different can of worms and something I want to address that may make the Solomon's store even more welcoming, and perhaps win back the community over SoF discontent. Please read carefully. The Squeal of Fortune is designed as a game of chance, you win items, experience, via spins. You can purchase spins. I'm not going to explain why x or y is bad, there are thousands of threads on this subject and we all know what they are. It is a simple fix. - Replace ALL coins and experience lamps with various quantities of Runecoins. - Do not introduce any more Squeal-only items, such as Fish masks, dragon ceremonial, etc. Place all of those on the shop. Free cosmetics should be obtained from ingame events, not the squeal. - Up the number of spins you have per day, based on your membership "loyalty". New members get 2 spins per day, going up to something like 6 spins per day if you've been a member for over a year? - Remove buyable spins. There is no need to purchase buyable spins for runecoins since you can purchase runecoin packages. __________________________________________________________________ I say all of this with confidence that you *will* win back the community if you go through with what I am suggesting. If this were my project, this is what I would do. Please do not keep the Squeal the way it is. It's a poorly implemented update, with much hate surrounding it. Do not let SoF be the reason why other, unrelated marketing updates are to fail. Your move now Jagex. Consider please.
  13. Oh yes. That makes you Phillipe! MUAHAHA!
  14. some rubbish exp, 5k coins and a treasure chest that you can bury anywhere