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Everything posted by dlace2488

  1. In the original wilderness there used to be a tactic of attacking a monster and deliberately trying not to kill it in order to escape from a pker. You changed it for PvP worlds. Are you bringing that back? That tactic has been removed. Any player attacking a monster in the wilderness can be attacked by another player, even if you are in single way combat. ooooooooooooo
  2. hell yeah lets do it!

  3. woohoo shaka's a leader again (: xD -poke-

  4. jay jay jay whats up XDD

  5. ichieeee -poke poke poke poke poke poke

  6. jay jay jay jay XD

  7. prob the most promising update i've ever seen we'll see though looking really forward to this, finally get my main way of getting geepee back.
  8. oi where yah been?!?!

  9. looks pretty nice. I'm looking forward too it, it's something new. but this is also coming from a game that was better with bad graphics then got worse when they were made better. (thinks)
  10. it looks a little better (the fire works when you level up) mod reece was at GE and he's randomly like i got somthing for you guys and jumped from lvl 128 too 138. Lol everyone was flipping out. was great.
  11. yeah i see your point gene just honestly wish there was a better way of going about it though. but in the end all change is change no matter how big or small it is. i know its for a good reason and etc. honestly if they just added a little single somewhere in it (the mini game) id be happy. so many times I've just walked right in with a team sitting right at one of the doors and kill me instantly both on dlace and my pure and yeah clan wars is pretty cool. guess seeing half my friends list quit and throw drop partys at petes all night really got too me people I've known since day one back in 01 left. -.-
  12. thats beyond not true. take a look at it from a pkers view. I'm not talking about just i pk every often. I'm talking about the people that play just to pk and thats one of the main things they do. thats like if someone was a skiller and thats all they did. then out of no where jagex just like decided we should make this game only combat related and make pking the biggest part of rs. wouldn't you be upset and complaining too? and i've tryed it. have you? spend about an hour there to get KO'd about 30 times total instantly in all worlds you can do it in. basicly if you don't have a team with 20+ people if not more, you might as well not even try it ''join a clan or die'' type deal for pkers. honestly if they added single to a part of it. it wouldn't be too bad. but ether way it will never be the same again, ever. basicly forcing pkers to ether quit all together, join a clan, or skill. mainly putting a big hurting on solo pkers and pures like myself. say you don't have people to pk with or you just cant find a clan/want to be in a clan just to be able to pk again. i myself love to pk by myself i just find it less of mess, waiting for people, wanting to go places they don't want to go. etc. so i can see why people are upset.hell i am too. people that have spent months even years making a pure pker designed only for pking, nothing else. made there cash by pking. now for what? for fun,cash,or just to chill with your friends that are mainly pkers, all ruined for now. this update put a hurting on me seeing that all i've been doing for the past 6 months is pking . (i was acually pking at the time they did the update). now my pure witch is a pure ranger with 71 range is like useless none the less. i see good and bad in this update. but they could at least tweak it a little I'm sure they will though. they always do. I'm not trying to flame you, just thought id say something seeing that I'm none of those, and I've have tried it same go's for dueling arena too. and for the trade thing there adding, say you want to give someone something or the other way around, or just want to help a friend out to get ihis herb lvl up and you have a few hundred low lvl herbs laying around in your bank.... but oh wait! you cant! since starting in jan you wont be able too anymore it has too be in a 3k price zone of whatever your trading. forcing him too pay for it.