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Everything posted by Austin

  1. I personally think it's a bad move IF Jagex half-way thinks this update out and just throws some random crap out there. Don't get me wrong, I loved the old interface and combat system but abilities are so much more fun!! I kind of just want the special attacks back, but the old click-and-wait combat style is just a step backwards with the game. Plus this update will delay other updates.
  2. There's a guy at my work that looks like the giant mole.. He's missing all his bottom teeth except the middle two. Lol
  3. already have my bags packed and my speedo. let's go
  4. 84-88 summoning and 66-67 herblore, hopefully 88 slayer aswell
  5. lol... what's the point of botting to get 99s, i mean really... do these ppl think that if you get all 99s you pick up chicks? "wanna have sex?"-botter "no."-chick "i ahve all 99s"-botter "OMG Right now!"-chick
  6. does this ring a bell to anyone else?.... TREMORS!
  7. did it in 2 trys ftw! w00t! *scotaf edit* Please crop your pictures before posting.
  8. I'm gonna do it in 1 attempt, no food or anything. Just butt ass nekid
  9. lol i hate diaries..another quest on the list of incompletes lol...
  10. i'm pretty stoked about a new slayer master