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  1. Hi Cabby,


    Can you update me to KOTR-Retired please? 


  2. Double XP Weekend is Coming - 23rd September

    So get stocking up!
  3. First NXT Closed Beta Weekend | Friday at 12:00 UTC

    to you guys that wanted to see what the NXT client's graphics looked like here's a few YT vids I've found: - this one is about 30 mins long, no comments just him walking around rs showing the graphics and sounds on ultra settings!
  4. New Game Client | Closed Beta Weekends

    man can't wait till it goes live!! Just look at them screen shots!! But the specs -.-' makes me realize my desktop is outdated lol
  5. Thanksgiving Event

    This was pretty easy to find them all.
  6. Raptor's Challenge | Ripper Demons

  7. BTS Video | Invasion of Falador

    this here is gonna be awesome! Here's the video:
  8. Virtual Levelling | Ninja Update

    this is pretty cool!
  9. RuneFest | Updates of 2016

    2016 gonna be so freaking awesome!
  10. Double XP Weekend | 25th September

    I've decided not to buy anything and instead use all the crap I have in bank first! Maybe finally get that 99 prayer as it'll be double as fast now, but I'm also thinking getting herb up there!
  11. Edgeville Lure

    this is a year old topic! Locked..
  12. Maintenance | 23rd July 07:00 – 09:00 UTC

    We will be performing maintenance on our servers between 07:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC (game time) on the 23rd of July. The following main-game worlds will be affected: 111623242536535663676871808283848892118120121122124134135136138139176177178179180181182183184185There will be a chance of connectivity issues during those times. We strongly advise avoiding content that places your in-game equipment, items or assets at risk while the maintenance is ongoing - or choosing a world that is not affected. Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes, and thank you for your patience while we complete this important work. The RuneScape Team
  13. Treasure Hunter – New Portable Skill Stations

    Well it was about time!
  14. BTS Video – Hero's Welcome & Beach