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  1. I got one today as a drop from killing Gargoyle's. The link shows an evil picture and aays "nothing interesting happened."
  2. Boo!!!!! Is there anybody out there?

  3. Happy Birthday Eiei0!

  4. Happy Birthday Eiei0!

  5. Happy Birthday Eiei0!

  6. Team pokey ftw!!!

    *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*

  7. hehe 'POKE' Was great chatting with you for a few in game last night!

  8. Shak

    hey bro i'm really sorry to put you through this

    but i gotta tell you

    you got marked by team pokey


  9. Shak

    i just saw your reply to 1 of my threads back in sept of 2009

    its weird to think what's happened since then

    i got back with a girl i havn't been with for over 4 years the following month - had her breakup with her boyfriend and she's been with me since <3

  10. Shak

    locked out of runescape atm

    poking till my fingers hurt


  11. Happy Birthday Eiei0!

  12. Old McDonald had a farm, EiEi0.

  13. Shak

    this saturday hosting a f2p Jagz reunion all day long i'll be on server 93 hanging out chillin with jagz drinkin beers making fun of noobs and all that - i made a topic in castle square - please try to come