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  1. I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it
  2. You get 10 free each day automatically added to your bank, or you can get them from spins ofc.
  3. can you still get them from random rolls? Edit: Just logged in and seen that you can't, lame.
  4. The gatherer cape is by far the best, its like a waterfall. I have the combatant one and its not too bad.
  5. There is no thing like a chicken wing (except frog legs)

  6. Happy Birthday Shredon!

  7. Interesting, he said attach something to a "stick" to make the finalized weapon. I can assume the stick is like the godsword blade and the final item is like the hilt. Him calling it a stick almost instantly makes me believe the level 92 melee weapon is going to be a spear. So I'm gonna guess: Spider eye + stick = staff Spider fang + stick = spear Spider web + stick = bow
  8. I'm not really sure if lures are considered report worthy though. The wilderness is in the game for a reason.
  9. Wasn't 2013 supposed to be like year of the player? It doesn't seem like the players contributed much except for a few random guaranteed content polls that named a monster...
  10. Lol you can undo the reset at any time, and reswitch to prestige later on. I wonder if you can only equip bronze if you reset to 1 attack? Because if I can kill ganos and stuff at level 1 slayer that wouldn't be bad at all to raise slayer.
  11. They are up against League of Legends and Dota 2. It ain't looking too good for them.
  12. As someone with tons of gold and little cash, I can basically play RS for free now. Yay. Wonder how it will affect the economy in the long run though.