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  1. Was a good quest IMO, I liked the part where I basically told Saradomin to fuck off.
  2. Happy Birthday Bigm of Jagz!

  3. So getting between 30-60 fps depending where I am, will do more testing later.
  4. Just got my new video card in, going to fire up the beta in a bit and see how she runs.
  5. No problem, any more questions feel free to ask
  6. No, HTML5 only runs on Google Chrome currently and the client uses Open JDK to run RS as an applet. You can, however, create a client like applet on Chrome by going to your options and hovering over tools and hitting "create application shortcut" while you are on the HTML5 page. If you need pictures let me know. Also, if Firefox ever fixes the bugs they have with HTML5 (which they've had for ages) Jagex says they will support Firefox.
  7. NIS is mandatory, HTML5 is optional. You can still use the Java client and get all the benefits of RS3 aside from the improved graphics.
  8. Runs fine on my computer and I'm running off my CPU's integrated GPU. Granted I am running the latest technology (Haswell i5 for anyone who knows what I'm talking about). I reckon when I get the replacement for the graphics card I bought the other day that didn't work I can easily rock 60 FPS.
  9. Same, I have em just destroyed em to Diango for the bankspace
  10. Hope I can get em all this time around as well
  11. Sounds a lot like a certain Shaka person I know.