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Jaguar Odie

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Everything posted by Jaguar Odie

  1. nice, I got the Diviner's Headwear today on the SOF.
  2. like hell i'm going to reset any 99's lol
  3. did you catch the part were he gets harder the larger the group ouch
  4. so we will only be able to have five effigys in the next update?
  5. i love the wrap, no more cutting it off and having to restart the chat, yea for temple
  6. Now living with Keller. Loven every second of it :) <3

  7. How you doing my Queen??? <3

  8. LMAO, don't you mean the third one Keller?
  9. I'm glad ive got alot of herbs and seeds, i might work on herby and farming lol
  10. Poke, Poke, Poke..... :) miss you hun!!!

  11. Please stop calling me a newb please. Love you babes

  12. Not as big of on as you, newb

  13. I don't have any problems with it.
  14. Its a change, but i'll let you know how I like it lol
  15. Why would you want to cheat on a game??? I never understood that, it takes away all the fun. If you want to cheat at something do it on the lottery, that way its a real game of life... Most of it will be in jail
  16. I don't know, but their a people dumb enuff to try it lol