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Everything posted by Nuckin_Futz

  1. Ooo i gotta set my imp to actually collect gold and green charms now . I can just turn them into blues
  2. Whew. Some rough reqs for this one lol
  3. I been wasting million on bonds . i should get my debit card back
  4. lol some no lifers gonna have to come outta retirement now
  5. i like how i can host a comp now and the winner gets bonds. this basically makes it so higher lvls can play for free
  6. Lol hi pio! With rs3 i never click the pm tab so i never see pm's until way later .
  7. Lol i might already have you added moo. I rarely pm now tho so i have no idea
  8. slow to start at first but once it loads up its pretty sweet on html5. im runnin it on 8gigs ddr3 ram, uuuh some sort of amd a6 processor, and id have to check my graphics card that's on min specs, high specs kinda lagged my typing pretty bad
  9. ill test it out on my pc and see how it works. my computer is decent but not top of the line or anything