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Everything posted by spike1131

  1. can't make money off free :shakeshead:
  2. yo yo miss ya around game. hope all is good!

  3. no a lot of thought was put into their development i'm thinking.. or they knew it was bad and just wanted to play the hero by releasing "what we wanted" and then fixing it
  4. I'm still trying to figure out where you get the tokens from lol
  5. skilling bots are still everywhere too lol.
  6. Even when you can afford it, It's not particuarly worth it. You could play a new single game for 15-25dollars a month lol
  7. they mighta shut their own gold farming bots down.. makes ya wonder don't it
  8. sounds like they will be putting any of the rares directly into the GE.. can't be that hard to write a code saying a rare just got added to the G.E
  9. runescape just keeps getting more depressing
  10. i agree cab, we get shit on cause we pay every month without fail
  11. dragonkite was the best haha
  12. i don't see it effecting many people. you can collect enough change in am onth to pay for that
  13. visage aint really worth shit nowadays nuck
  14. that's what she said. about your penish
  15. yo i thought i had passed your post count bro :P

  16. not to mention, you sometimes send your pm to cc. >.< i prefer the old pm box. you guys are alright. fuckin mind readers.