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Everything posted by Moodara

  1. Looks fantastic - I may have to upgrade my system though!
  2. They ruined the slayer tshirt by making it brown instead of black....
  3. I really dont know what to say............
  4. Jack of Trades update........... Awesome!!!!
  5. Removing all items that you're wearing via the icon in your bank will no longer remove active auras.OMG!!!! thank you this one makes me happy! *happy dance*
  6. So the service provider is Highwinds and the reason for problems is guess what ............... High Winds!!! Piss Off wind!
  7. Yay!!! Elder trees for fletching! Awesome
  8. Does that mean you finally will add me??????
  9. Exactly - *teles to wildy.......bang your dead - well that was worth it!!! Me, me, me...i wanna go!
  10. i hadn't done these b4 - got my 1k and upgraded stick - xp not to bad. The charms build up which is good seeing I don't pvm much!
  11. i will be happy to get some free exp!!!
  12. not quite all but cant wait to have a go - got to make rc more interesting hopefully!!