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  1. I can run it but can't play it D: makes me cry every time. I got i7@4.2Ghz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and Nvida GTX 960, would run this like a breeze
  2. Hey guys. There is a lure going about that has picked up in popularity recently that I thought I would mention as a number of people have fallen to this lure. Steps of lure: Noob asks/approaches people in edge bank asking if anyone knew where the slayer master is in Edge.Once you take the Noob to the slayer master he/she will inform you that they got Earth Warriors.Earth warriors are in the wilderness section where a second player will be waiting to kill you. Kindly tell the person they have been reported for luring and watch them rage/log off.People have tried this at least 20 times over the past week to just myself so I thought I would bring it up to warn those who show kindness to random players.
  3. It does, tried it out earlier does it with any item.
  4. been in the game for years tbh, items kept on death XD
  5. Double drops buttt we all know what is going to lol.
  6. inb4 ags goes to 100m. I did play this today though as soon as it was launched, showed the mods how op Virtus + Arcane is lmao.
  7. I find it a little bit of a lost cause, bots and gold farmers moved to 07 a while back and Bonds are not getting introduced there. 07 gold is worth way more than RS3 cash in rwt value. At least it sorts us live game players out but the problem is still not solved like they think it is.
  8. Got this thing off the rs forums. "How it used to work (Surges): Base damage of 864 + your Magic level Example: 864 + Level 99 = 963 base damage (with Virtus Wand) Example: 864 + Level 99 = 963 base damage (with SoL) How it works now (Surges): Base damage of 720 + weapon level Example: 720 + 80 (Virtus Wand) = 800 base damage (level 99) Example: 720 + 75 (Sol) = 795 base damage (level 99) So, essentially, your Magic level does not effect your damage in the slightest anymore, damage is now capped with the level of the weapon you have equipped as well as the highest combat spell under the level of the weapon. Basically, even if you use Surges with a Virtus Wand the damage will be capped as if you were using Wave spells. Having 99 Magic is utterly useless now. This update would have been tolerable if Seismic weapons were affordable by most higher leveled players."
  9. Magic has been destroyed with this update if you don't have 2b then no point in even using it any more
  10. Java Client for me any day, HTML5 is just to new only a few of the cards out(Mainly High end) are just getting drivers out for HTML5. I am sure it will look awesome in the future but maybe a bridge to far at the moment. But hey least we all get to show Bandos the power of Clan Jaguar when he gives lummy a new ass hole on launch.
  11. Baconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  12. Event will be on next week for this bastard
  13. Really! I am sure it was just some person with a comp cape, camping the rs forums like they normally do.....
  14. Well it annoys me that you grind to get the op gear and stats and they put it down to be more fair with lower levels.....but if you are a high level are you not meant to be able to kill everything in your path -.-
  15. SS nerfed again, blood spells nerfed again, AOE abilities at god wars are now pointless R.I.P flurry, time to just deal with it I guess no point in going back now XD Though I sometimes wonder if it is worth getting to a high lvl.
  16. No idea I have only been able to catch one.