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King Legolas

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Everything posted by King Legolas

  1. yeah its only recent that theyve made it that way, but it is bannable now
  2. love the chaotic spear, solo corp is awesome
  3. Beric, i am 100% agreed on the simulacrums, such good xp
  4. I just renamed em the same thing lmao, Cant wait to get my hands on all the death lotus darts =D
  5. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i love this sooooooo much
  6. new quest woooooot now where is my dwarf quest!
  7. we're gonna go die multiple times before defeating him for something epic!
  8. why would i want a crown of seasons? its not like its a partyhat XD
  9. so aparrently the crossbow sold for 2b 0_0
  10. ranged slayer dungeon in two weeks wooooooooooooooooooo =D
  11. time to show the allegiance to zaros!