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Jaguar Queen

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Everything posted by Jaguar Queen

  1. Going to have to stock up on water tailismans to sell just before this
  2. Wait so now when I die I have to buy back my items that sucks
  3. Cant do that as already got the year membership from Christmas
  4. Woooot I am going to make some money woooot wooooot
  5. Double xp so I can make a killing with selling stuff on ge lmao
  6. might actually do slayer a bit now to see if i can get the stuff to make this armour lol
  7. This looks like a fun quest going to do it today
  8. Did this for a while when it first came out but was crappy xp so not worth it but might try it now
  9. That Charm imp would be great looking forward to that
  10. Intresting April Fools video although would have prefered game content they did put a lot of work into this lol
  11. Ahhh oh well might have to try it though but with welfare gear LOL
  12. Also the ring that brings you to the ghost world might help too, but cool Gohan might have to try it out
  13. All the quests needed are done now and yeah Char is super annoying I basically ran around like a mad women half the time lighting fires. I never tried to hit her unless I had over 10 fires lite at a time
  14. This could actually be an interesting month
  15. LOL they should just go to the Grotworms there are tons of bots there
  16. LOL of course I have been hacked and lost all my herbs and 2nd ingredients I was saving up for this