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  1. "Longest running quest line" only because it's like 5 years between quests Finally! xD
  2. Yeah; bosses are still easier with EoC. Smaller mobs die easily with legacy
  3. I need to see how much they've improved hex
  4. Don't be a sad kitty, the quest was awesome
  5. Gotta give it to them, the random interval bans is pretty clever
  6. ^ Ghost penguin just got a whole lot easier
  7. I'm just amazed they're STILL tweaking the system to this day
  8. To each their own Personally I prefer it over a game whose vast majority of updates seem to be based in microtransactons. Kinda why I quit playing
  9. Wildy updates are always shitty due to pkers
  10. Funny how they fix minor shit that a few people complain about yet if they implement an update that a HUGE fraction of the population actively states that they dislike, they're ignored with the statement "we've acted on your feedback!" t('.'t) I'm staying gone
  11. Read the title and immediately thought "bullshit."