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  1. Hi Cabby,


    Can you update me to KOTR-Retired please? 


  2. to you guys that wanted to see what the NXT client's graphics looked like here's a few YT vids I've found: - this one is about 30 mins long, no comments just him walking around rs showing the graphics and sounds on ultra settings!
  3. man can't wait till it goes live!! Just look at them screen shots!! But the specs -.-' makes me realize my desktop is outdated lol
  4. This was pretty easy to find them all.
  5. this here is gonna be awesome! Here's the video:
  6. I've decided not to buy anything and instead use all the crap I have in bank first! Maybe finally get that 99 prayer as it'll be double as fast now, but I'm also thinking getting herb up there!
  7. this is a year old topic! Locked..
  8. We will be performing maintenance on our servers between 07:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC (game time) on the 23rd of July. The following main-game worlds will be affected: 111623242536535663676871808283848892118120121122124134135136138139176177178179180181182183184185There will be a chance of connectivity issues during those times. We strongly advise avoiding content that places your in-game equipment, items or assets at risk while the maintenance is ongoing - or choosing a world that is not affected. Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes, and thank you for your patience while we complete this important work. The RuneScape Team