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Amanda Hope

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Amanda Hope last won the day on March 23 2016

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  1. Happy Birthday Amanda Hope!

  2. NIS won't work for the fixed screen, unfortunately.
  3. Annddd no new skill yet again. Mer. But always stuff about SoF and Soloman's. At least there'll be a new quest
  4. Happy Birthday Amanda Hope!

  5. Promised in the first quarter of the year, not even given to us in the first half of the year. Note that list down to things they're working on: Runescape 3
  6. Where's our new skill they promised? Lol
  7. Kind of a dumb video. Hard to base a vote off of such little info
  8. Ooh, like that bit at the end of voting for what quest comes out first.
  9. Looks good...I feel a castle wars event coming on to test it out!