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Dat Noble

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  1. Sad to see you're officially not a jag bro no lie - keep me added on facebook

  2. Poke :wub::boot:

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    2. Cammi


      LOL! Tisk tisk :P That fail is real though <3

    3. Dat Noble

      Dat Noble

      Don't tell anyone!! <3

    4. Cammi


      Umm... Sweeetie.. This is public... They know :o

  3. Luring is a bannable offence. Jagex has previously banned people for it, like clsprod and mx799.
  4. Loving the double tokens. Got quite a bit of dg xp so far, always nice to have a good excuse to do more dg. The new rewards are pretty useful but the coin collector thing is a bit of a dissapointment. Buying out floors is probably only really useful to do for frozen floors.
  5. There won't really be much of an effect on the economy from this, there will be a reaction on the markets right now just because of speculation and people going along with what they think is gonna happen. Bonds don't really spawn money in the game or anything like that, so it's purely a matter of distribution of wealth. Since apparently 50% of the people have rwted in the past month it won't make much of a difference, it's only a different supplier. I think this update is pretty genius, simply because no matter what you do, gold farmers will exist and gold will be sold. As long as there is demand there will be supply, since everyone is hellbent on Rwting it better be by a way that doesn't harm the game. Plus I think legitimate players are also rewarded by this update because they can buy membership/spins/bullshit for rsgp.
  6. Looks like a new comp cape requirement.
  7. Pretty awesome quest. Will be exciting when the next part of that storyline continues, hopefully that isn't 5 years down the road lol.
  8. Really? I still see bots everywhere...
  9. 19 seconds to drop a full inventory lmfao. With mousekeys I can do it within 3-4 seconds...Though it doesn't disturb your skilling now that's nice.
  10. the weekend will run from noon (GMT) Saturday 27th October to noon (GMT) Sunday 28th October. Grab your gear, examine your skill levels and start scheming – the weekend will run from noon (GMT) Saturday 27th October to noon (GMT) Monday 29th October. First quote is from this thread, second from the runescape site. Guess jagex isn't sure either...
  11. This will be double xp by the way. so 24 hours of 2x xp.