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Kitty last won the day on February 17 2013

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  1. Happy Birthday Kitty!

  2. Sometimes I feel like a pink unicorn pony. for no reason at all.

  3. No classic i can't wait for this one, but i really wish they did import our stats as they are or were back then. that would be kind of awesome ^^
  4. I can't wait for that quest... but solomon.. again, why can't they finally update loyalty shop?
  5. Shak

    Happy birthday kitty - have a good 1

    1. Kitty


      i didnt notice this! thanks <3

  6. Happy Birthday Kittenn!

  7. I got rc one, free 32k exp ;o
  8. I got 2 titles and that marahjaat emote, pretty stupid. Imo, the Pegasus tele is awesome, want it <.< they should make it available getting runecoins ingame too
  9. Oh jesus.. hope they remove the rwt finally >.<
  10. i listened to it and i think i could only guess one