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  1. poke, will be taking your walls non robot virginity :D

  2. Still no fix for the freeze. Still no one of a kind :C
  3. Happy Birthday Princeterror!

  4. I'd rather have rwt money go to the game we love then to some guy his car
  5. It's actually possible to make untradable boons tradable for one tenth of their ge value, so that is a bit of money sink as well At least a little extra gp leaves the game now every now and then
  6. I'll miss you bro, I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you anymore even though I promised I would. Can't believe you're gone man :(

    1. Shak


      Same here prince

  7. Bbbbbaaaaacccccoooooonnnn sttttrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppssssss Quest was kinda fun, just jagex being silly again
  8. If they keep releasing new loot at a pace like this I might have to get into flipping again
  9. Well it's to be expected if every flurry you use at kk brings you up to full hp with soul split on.
  10. Hmm I should get into eoc slaying sooner or later.
  11. If people are willing to spend money to pay for your updates then why would you complain