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  1. Happy Birthday Cspekz!

  2. Div skill bores me too much too no life my level it to at least 70 for first quest and then 75...so i will be able too attempt this in about 3-6 months.
  3. Happy Birthday Cspekz!

  4. i think this armor is focused more for pvp not pvm.
  5. Lol...wish they woulda expanded the friend's list alot earlier(few years) so I coulda added more and not of deleted to make room.
  6. They should have it all fixed by launch. Will/should run smoother after launch....I know it has a chance of crashing in the first few days so be careful. It looks pretty nice atm just would be different if they made it so you did not have to click too move just use your mouse or directional keys. Anyhow everyone be careful on launch alot of dieing may occur that day, which i will most likely be one of the casualties
  7. Gonna be cool. wonder if the beta will be ipad friendly yet?
  8. Is 2007 Pre-whip era...i hope it was..cannot recall.
  9. I just hope they fix the triangle they went from over powered classes too overpowered classes using a combat skill while using a majority of the wrong armor . For example someone pking a ranger in correct melee gear....But!!! the ranger has a mage hood on!!@! So the range armor does not negate the power of mage when being cast. Even if melee pops on range gear the opponent still effectively hits with just that mage helmet on. I seen it with people wearing gano head piece with melee armor. They should focus on effectiveness of the triangle before releasing a boss...they failed to do it in the beta (too many players bitching mostly pkers who are now reaping in the benefits of the weaknesses in the EOC) They would have more effective boss fights if/when they actually get the triangle fixed.
  10. you need to fill your bar and hit the momentum ability and you will hit harder while not using abilities.
  11. happy birthday to you :D

  12. Happy Birthday Cspekz!

  13. lol looks...I like the mention of a gun for a reward.