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smexy jonah

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smexy jonah last won the day on November 27 2013

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    umm...working on skills, work irl, collage all that good stuff...i play D&D so yeah. uhh anything else you would like to know just ask!!


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    smexy jonah
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  1. i will like this update but hate how they put a cap on the gold collector it should be 10m not 1m
  2. i may have done something that removes my man-card.... :3
  3. Happy Birthday smexy jonah!

  4. just sold a scale for 3.6m btw its about 1/500 drop from acencion monsters.
  5. i like this update but 130500 points for 1 bank booster!!! i thiink nottt!!
  6. the...worst...best....im not sure how i feel...skill ever!!
  7. it looks like like a easy quest but i really wish they would stop TAKEING MY OLD QUESTS OUT!!!!!! LEARN TO MAKE NEW THINGS THAT DONT MESS UP THE OLD STUFF... -deactivate rage mode- all in all it looks good but im not looking forward to doing it :c