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New Interface System Fixes

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New Interface System Fixes

While we've unfortunately had to delay the launch of the new Members Loyalty Programme and Solomon's General Store update, we still have some new content for you to get your teeth into.

We've been continuing with the improvements to the New Interface System from your feedback and a number of those are now live along with various bug fixes.

  • An option to allow click through chat boxes

  • Access to the function keys (F1 to F8) for custom keybinds

  • Reintroduction and slight revamp of the old split private chat system

  • More compact interface layouts due to:

    • Improved spacing in list style interfaces (such as your inventory or ability lists)

    • Reduced border sizes

    • More border transparency options
  • We've also now made it possible to position many of the interfaces without the need to enter edit mode.
These improvements are ongoing and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us in helping shape the direction of the New Interface System. Please continue to let us know what you think and thank you to everyone who has given their feedback so far. To submit your feedback, visit the NIS forums.

We apologise again for the delay with the Members Loyalty Programme changes, and hope to have these with you with next week's game update.

Mod Dylan & The RuneScape Team

The Battle of Lumbridge - Week 6

Free players and members

With the Sixth week of the world event comes a new set of changes and additions to the fight:

  • Saradomin's forces have voted for the chance to spawn an additional special unit, giving them twice the number of champions on the battlefield. The Zamorakian forces have voted to increase the effects of their special units by 50% making the healing effect of their champion more powerful.

  • Both factions will be able to vote on new reinforcements to the battlefield. They can choose between the mighty siege units, powerful creatures that bombard the battlefield to destroy the enemy; or elite units, mighty warriors with a chance to stun the enemy in an area around them.

  • Members will be able to vote on what war beasts will guard Lumbridge. They can choose between the brave and loyal guard dogs, terrifying and deadly spiders, or they can decide to give the rats a chance and train them for war.
Mod Raven

Behind the Scenes Video

Mod Tom discusses the merging of Solomon's General Store and the Members Loyalty Programme in our latest Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News

  • The spell damage dealt by players now scales with the level of magic weapon the player is using, to bring it in line with the recent changes to ranged ammunition.

  • You'll see new lucky clover necklaces on the Squeal of Fortune from Friday - handy for those looking to win themselves one of the luck weapons. Look out for more details soon!

  • This September brings with it brand new seasonal content that will challenge your talents and skills to the core. Check back for the official announcement on Friday 30th August and get ready for a month packed with daily bonus activities!


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It broke Pm's XD

Oh God, yes it did. Such a huge opportunity for embarrassing mix ups now.

Also, try sending a PM from the lobby. It is hilarious how broken that is...

Edited by Beric

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Got this thing off the rs forums.


"How it used to work (Surges)

Base damage of 864 + your Magic level
Example: 864 + Level 99 = 963 base damage (with Virtus Wand)
Example: 864 + Level 99 = 963 base damage (with SoL)

How it works now (Surges):
Base damage of 720 + weapon level
Example: 720 + 80 (Virtus Wand) = 800 base damage (level 99)
Example: 720 + 75 (Sol) = 795 base damage (level 99)

So, essentially, your Magic level does not effect your damage in the slightest anymore, damage is now capped with the level of the weapon you have equipped as well as the highest combat spell under the level of the weapon. Basically, even if you use Surges with a Virtus Wand the damage will be capped as if you were using Wave spells. Having 99 Magic is utterly useless now. This update would have been tolerable if Seismic weapons were affordable by most higher leveled players."

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